Beth & Tracie is committed to manufacturing garments with the highest regard to ethical and sustainable production while creating high-quality garments. During our production process we work closely with our team of printers, sewers and quality control and strive to use sustainable methods of production as well as materials.

The island of Bali is unique as each region is known for different groups of skilled artisans. In the foothills of Mt Batur, you will find a lot of the crochet weaving teams and basket makers, the East of Bali is known for its silver and goldsmiths, while the South of the island hosts Bali’s sewing and printing teams.

Beth & Tracie works with a cottage-industry style of production whereby we encourage micro-financing of businesses, support artisans in their respective skilled fields and allow for a diverse team from all parts of the island to create garments for our clients. We have forged long-lasting relationships with our teams and have a deep respect for their crafts.

Ethics & Business Practices

At Beth & Tracie, we strive to keep traditional techniques of production alive, whilst also encouraging our teams to up-skill to keep up with the modern pace of life.

We are committed to our team and see most of our workers as family. Some of the commitments we have include; paying above minimum wage, covering BPJS healthcare and pension funds for all full-time employees, supporting religious ceremonies and holidays, flexible working hours, yearly bonus package and have an 80% female-operated business.

Throughout our manufacturing process, a garment goes through many hands with each step in our production chain celebrating hand-made garments. From selection of fabrics, hand-dying and screen-printing, checking of printed fabrics, cutting and sewing of garments, to quality control and packing in our warehouse – each garment is unique and individual and supports a variety of teams in each field of work.

Our Business Pillars

  • Transparency
  • Authenticity
  • Communication
  • Fairness and Equality
  • Respect
  • Encourage and Support
  • Fun and Joyful workplace
  • Flexibility
  • Appreciation and Understanding
  • Gratitude

Principal Practices

Beth & Tracie has principal business practices that we are committed to:

  • Paying above minimum wage
  • BPJS Ketenagakerja (pension) and BPJS Kesehatan (healthcare) paid by Beth & Tracie for all full-time employees
  • Support of religious ceremonies and holidays
  • Flexible working hours
  • Operational hours 5 days a week, 8 hours a day with minimal overtime
  • Overtime compensation if worked
  • Encouraging diversity in the workplace
  • Partnerships with skilled artisans using traditional techniques and methods of hand-made production.
  • 80% female operated business
  • 100% female owned business 

Sustainability & Certifications

At Beth & Tracie, we want to ensure the success of our brands whilst having the highest regard for sustainable business practices.

Sustainability is at the core of our business model having non-negotiables in our supply and production chain that include:                                                        – Printing with non-toxic DyStar GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified dyes and chemicals
– Manufacturing made to order garments and collections meaning meaning that we only print, cut and sew what is required for our clients and brands having little to no surplus fabric or waste.                                                               – Using natural fabrications and certified eco-fabrics during production.
– Low production MOQ’s

All of these methods of production reduce waste in all facets of the manufacturing process and supports a slow-fashion business model.

Orders can take 6-8 weeks to produce meaning that garments and collections are carefully curated and selected by our clients with pieces of true quality being put into the marketplace.

All pieces are 100% handmade from start to finish and celebrate the individual craftsman that have been a part of each process in creating a one of a kind, high-quality item.


Having established relationships with top fabric suppliers on the island, we have access to a diverse range of fabrics as well as any new fabrications that might be of interest.

Beth & Tracie encourages clients to familiarise themselves with a sustainable business approach in all tiers of their brand if possible.

With the hopes that with more brands demanding sustainable and eco-friendly fabrications, that this will continue to drive the market to offering more options at affordable prices.

Certified and internationally recognised fabrics that we work with: 

We are more than happy to speak to our team regarding any eco-fabrications or methods of dying that you would like to use or provide any further information regarding our methods of production.