B&T Blogs... grabs 5 minutes with Creative Director, Tracie Lamb.

B&T Blogs... grabs 5 minutes with Creative Director, Tracie Lamb.

Further to a fabulous forthcoming re-brand and successful launch of the new collection in the US, London and Paris, Beth & Tracie Blogs talks to Creative Director Tracie Lamb to find out what makes her tick...

Congratulations on the latest collection Tracie. What sparked your interest in fashion and resort wear in particular? Living in Britain, my only fashion passion was jeans and a tee but when I moved to Barbados permanently in 2004 that all had to change. I struggled to find that perfect tunic or kaftan for my new lifestyle in the Caribbean heat!   I wanted beach tunics that looked cool and relaxed – something that could translate effortlessly from beach wear to poolside dining and who knows maybe a little après beach!   I couldn't find that ideal tunic out here ... so I designed it myself! Hence the birth of Beth & Tracie Barbados.

Did you always want to be a designer? If not, what career did you envisage for yourself? I always dreamed of being a wildlife photographer but life usually spins you a different course to sail.

Who or what were your early influences? My first love was anything related to art, jewellery and gemstones which I studied for 4 years when I was in my late teens. 

And today, where do you get your inspirations for your designs? Barbados and the island lifestyle – ranging from the beautiful beaches, tropical flowers and trees. The natural world often presents you with such incredible colour combinations that we can learn so much from and I can't fail to be inspired by.

 What is your favourite B&T print and shape for SS17? Ombre Aqua Sand (as seen below) – I just love these colours truly, madly, deeply! They remind me of the beaches in Barbados and the place I'm now honoured to call 'home'.  As for shape, my favourite design would have to be the Topaz Tunic, with its trademark pom pom detail, which is my all time favourite. Who can resist a pom pom!?

Bajan Macaroni Pie or English Sunday Roast? I quit eating meat 5 years ago, so it would have to be Bajan Macaroni Pie, a traditional dish and like a roast to the Brits, is equally eaten together as a delicious social, communal event.

The person (alive or dead) you would most like to meet? Oh that's easy – David Attenborough. I am utterly spellbound with him and all he has done.

Living in Paradise for most of the year, where else in the world would you like to visit that you haven't yet? There are quite a few places on my bucket list but the one I am most excited about would have to be Lady Elliot island in Australia, which is known as ‘Home of the Manta Ray’. Their pristine lagoons and reefs attract some 700 individual manta rays which would make an unforgettable dive or snorkel...

And if this dream trip coincided with a sighting of the odd humpback whale who grace the same waters on their annual migration - that would be a truly amazing bonus.

 What advice would you offer young designers today?. Be prepared for hard work, hard work and then some more hard work!  Stay true to your dream and just keep at it. If you are passionate about what you do, I feel it really shines through in the designs you create.

 Finish the sentence; the best thing about Barbados is...the turquoise pristine waters surrounding the island and the smell of the frangipani flowers first thing in the morning. If only I could bottle that smell!



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