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The Essential Travel Checklist for Barbados

The Essential Travel Checklist for Barbados
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Getting ready to get whisked away to paradise, but not sure exactly what to bring with you? You've gotten your tickets and taken your days off to come to our sunny shores. Now, you just need to organize your departure and pack, which is always a headache. The pandemic hasn't made it any easier. Tests, vaccine passports, quarantine, there is a lot to consider. We wanted to make this simpler for you. This way you can remember everything important like your favourite bikini. Our travel checklist will make preparing your trip a breeze.
Your departure to our island will never be easier. You can start relaxing now and enjoy the pre-emptive jitters of excitement! This is the ultimate travel checklist for the Caribbean. We have carefully curated and hand-picked each item with you in mind. With each step there is an extra little detail, just click the links and it will take you where you need to be. Follow the checklist and you will be sure not forget anything. We look forward to seeing you around Barbados and don’t forget to come and say “Hi” to us in our flagship boutique.
With love,

Beth & Tracie Team

Click here to download The Essential Travel Checklist for Barbados Now 



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