When you think of Barbados what first comes to mind are the white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, blue skies and island life. The paradise everyone dreams of. Ever wonder what the locals get up to? Living day in and day out on this idyllic island means you experience it in different ways than tourist do. Here are a few suggestions if you want to go beyond the classic tourist activities.

Hanging out on the East Coast


Great landscape, wide and untouched with beautiful coastlines. There you can find some hidden attractions such as Welchman Hall gully, Gun Hill Signal Station, Morgan lewis windmill and Joe’s river forest. It’s absolutely beautiful to explore and shows a different side to Barbados. 

Go on an Island tour

Make the most of the small size of Barbados to visit as much as possible. All you need to do is hire a car and go explore one side to the other. You will be able to discover those off the beaten track gems which most don’t get to see.

Day out on a boat

Catamaran cruises are very popular and fun. With a variety of companies to choose from like Foster & Inc., you can visit Barbados from the ocean and make as many beach stops as you wish. It’s an all day activity which includes cocktails, food and snorkeling.

Early-morning sea bath

    Barbados has the loveliest climate with an average 10 hours of sunshine everyday. With such heat, the day starts early for Bajans. As the sun gets up, people will gather on the beach and sit in shallow waters chatting away about pretty much anything. 

    Explore the sea


      The Atlantis Submarines offers submarine day, evening or night tours. The dive is normally followed by a cocktail reception. If you are too claustrophobic, just go snorkeling or scuba diving at one of the schools.

      All day limes

      Following Barbados' party spirit, go enjoy a “lime” with friends which means hanging out or partying. Limes are punctuated by loud music, the sound of dominoes (a popular game here) and infectious laughter. More often than not, they take place in rum shops.

      Drinking rum

      This is a major part of the lifestyle. There are as many rum shops as churches in Barbados. It is the birthplace of rum and home to the famous brand Mount Gay which is the oldest brand of rum in the world. You’re not a real Bajan unless you enjoy a regular glass of it, sometimes followed up by fresh coconut water. Barbados has excellent night life and every Bajan enjoys a good party. Plenty of bars to choose from and the beach club Harbour Lights is a must.

      Brighton Farmers Market

      It’s held every Saturday from 6am to 10am. You need to wake up early but it’s worth it. There is an array of the freshest fruits and veg. It is also a nice place to just hang out with friends and grab a coffee. You can get pudding and souse a traditional Bajan dish to have on a Saturday. The souse is pickled pork and pudding steamed potato. The locals love it, so it’s worth a try.

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