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Happy 70th Birthday to the Bikini!

Happy 70th Birthday to the Bikini!
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The 2 piece celebrated it's 70th Birthday recently and whilst launching our SS17 collection at Miami Swim Week this past weekend we were surrounded by the small, but perfectly formed, beach attire.

Since Louise Reard created a huge stir with a 2 piece swimsuit in Paris in 1946 the Bikini, named after the Bikini Atoll where the US had tested atomic weapons, was born and created an equally explosive reaction to it's namesake.

At the time despite being declared sinful by Church leaders and even banned in certain US states and parts of Europe, this little item of clothing took off with the emerging jet set as sun tanning became popular.

Next, Brigitte Bardot increased its popularity in the swinging 60's when photographed at the Cannes Film Festival wearing it to promote the movie 'And God created Women. Since then, many leading ladies have starred on the silver screen in iconic bikini-clad movie moments such as Bond Girls Ursula Andres and Halle Berry and even in Sci-Fi Star Wars with Carrie Fisher.

Watching the very latest in styles at the Miami Swim Week runway shows, the trend for the boho crochet look continues along with neoprene block colour designs and tiny gathered Brazilian-style bottoms.



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