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Vogue100 visit

Vogue100 visit
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The exhibition celebrating 100 years of Vogue Magazine came to a close yesterday at the National Portrait Gallery, London and Beth & Tracie UK headed there on a rare day off in the glorious sunshine earlier this week to catch it before it closed.


Just a hop, skip and a jump from Charring Cross tube station, upon entry to the gallery we were handed a map and headed into the exhibition which was set out in a linear timeline presentation, from it's stylised illustrated covers of 1916 through the evolution of photography to the present day, with various smaller rooms dedicated to a decade such as '70's and '90's.

We were politely advised that photography was banned, although someone must have failed to remind La Beckham of this, as the former Spice Girl turned Fashion Designer had Instagrammed a selfie with her eldest son Brooklyn the week before standing in front of one of her 3 Vogue covers pictured whilst pregnant with him.

We walked the rooms struck by many images from Cecil Beaton's waspish illustrations of Wallis Simpson to a pre-wedding youthful Diana. The exhibition was not just a mere show case of the superficial throughout the decades captured by such legendary photographers as Testino, Meisel and Dermarchelier, but it also provided context of the shots thus also a social, political and economic history.  

We were so pleased to catch this one -off show case and came home with our special boxed 100th Birthday collectors edition of the magazine.



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